Our mascot here at Dave's Ice Cream is a Hawaiian Monk Seal named Scoopy. He is Dave's official SEAL of approval! Sadly, our world has lost many of Scoopy's real-life relatives, but there are still ways that we can join together and make a difference!

Here is some information about Hawaiian Monk Seals, taken from Ke Kai Ola's website:

"In 1976, the Hawaiian monk seal (Monachus schauinslandi) was listed as an endangered species. Today, more than 30 years later, it has the unfortunate status as the most endangered pinniped in the United States.

The Hawaiian monk seal population has declined at a rate of three to four percent per year over the past decade, recently reaching a low of fewer than 1,100 Hawaiian monk seals left in existence. Moreover, a newborn monk seal has only a one-in-five chance of surviving to adulthood. This is dismal news for a species found only in Hawaii..."



MAHALO to all of you who showed so much love and support to Dave's Ice Cream Aiea on Grand Opening Day! A portion of the proceeds from our Grand Opening Event will soon be donated to Ke Kai Ola, the Hawaiian Monk Seal healthcare facility on Hawaii Island.

In addition, when you purchase a pack of Scoopy Drops, we will continue to donate a portion of the proceeds to Ke Kai Ola.

Thank you, again for joining with us to do what we can to save Scoopy's ohana!